Hands on Review: Maxis Maxpro

Maxis' MaxPro is the cheapest android Tablet PC in Bangladesh so far. Lets know the outstanding feature hold by the product-


Name: Maxis MaxPro Tablet

Display: 7 Inch

Processor: 1.5 GHz

Network: Built in Wifi, External 2G & 3G Modem

GPU: 400 Mali

Memory: Internal 4 GB, Support External SD Card up to 32 GB

Battery: 3000 mAh

Camera: Front 0.3 MP

Touch: 5 Point (Gorilla)

Operating System: Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

Price: 6,500 BDT

Quick Overview

Hands on Review: Maxis Maxpro

When you see at the megapixel (0.3 MP) you might say, "OMG, only 0.3 MP!!", But we find a good quality video call. In Bangladeshi situation, where net speed is really a crucial fact, 0.3 MP can video calling can make you feel better with your slower connecting. In addition, we found no fault in viewing objects in front of the running camera. It really works smoothly.

No dark spot seen while playing videos. High quality video runs good. Clear View.

Although the RAM is only 512 MB, we find it smooth going in browsing or general using of this tablet. Multi tasking or playing high quality games may slow down your gadget.

Sound quality is okay.

Touch Response:
It is also smooth and easy going

It has a Built in Wifi adapter. But there is no internal sim support in this tablet. But you can use external 3G modem, which support both 2G and 3G internet connection.

Size does fact! It's only 7 Inch, that means you can carry or hold or easily. It's more handy to someone who really love a rough day... But for a 7 Inch display, you might find it difficult to read a PDF file or net surfing annoying. But if you manage to adapt yourself to read in this small window, it might not create disturbance anymore.

It's very light. Easy to hold one or two hand whatever you like.

No Rear Camera:
So you can't take good quality photo of your friends or events. that is seriously an issue. But if you consider the price, you may not disappointed. A computer in this low price is still unbelievable.

It has 3000 Milli Ampere per hour battery. You may play games or play video or internet surfing about 3 hours at a stretch with a full battery. It is based on your using. To last the battery longer, use the lowest brightness that is suitable for you and avoid multi tasking in the tablet. It might be stand by for a day, depending on your network setting.

3G Modem:
There are various 3G modem available on market around 2000 to 3000 BDT. You can use this kind of modem with your OTG cable (you will find it while buying this product). 

This tablet Computer has 4 GB internal memory and it supports 32 GB SD Card memory. a 32 GB SD Card may take 1000 BDT in the nearest market of you. So don't worry about the internal space.

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